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The biggest news today: Mo X has resigned. Of course, he is not leaving now, he is still helping the team choose the head coach, and finally left after November 1.

今天最大的新闻:Mo X已辞职。当然,他现在不会离开,他仍在帮助球队选择总教练,终于在11月1日离开。

According to the news, after being eliminated in the semi-finals, Mo X and the boss began to discuss the resignation, and the two parties finally completed the process without making it public. In the information age, you can hide the process, but you can't hide the result.

根据消息,在半决赛中被淘汰后,Mo X和老板开始讨论辞职事宜,两党最终在不公开的情况下完成了该程序。在信息时代,您可以隐藏过程,但不能隐藏结果。

Thus, the news flew to the world with wings on.


The news of related events has been emphasizing one thing-Mo X voluntarily resigned. For example, Fagan of the "Houston Chronicle" came to a double affirmation that Mo X resigned 100% of his own decision.

相关事件的消息一直在强调一件事-Mo X自愿辞职。例如,《休斯顿纪事报》(Houston Chronicle)的法根(Fagan)双重确认,莫X辞职了100%。

What is this like? When I was a child, if I got 100 points in the exam, my dad would ask me about my score, and I would pass the test paper to him and let him read it for himself. If I fail, my dad asks about my grades, it’s okay; what about the test papers? Didn't bring it back, anyway, it was OK; the class ranking? Not bad; which part was not done? Okay……


With a sound of okay, a meal of mixed doubles came unexpectedly, accompanied by a little boy crying, and promised that he would never lie again.


Sometimes this is the case. The truth does not need to be overemphasized. When you repeat the same rhetoric over and over again, it tends to be problematic. By the way, especially don't do this when faced with a girl's cross-examination.


But from the perspective of the other side of the ocean,


The reason is simple. As a team owner, you have to understand where your basic set is. If you can move, you will move early, you don’t have to wait until today.


And whether it was the boss move or the league move, the group of Republican senators represented by Missouri Josh Hawley would immediately throw an email on the face of the NBA, asking loudly: "What is your relationship with China? "


Since he can't move, Mo X can only move by himself, so he can only and must resign himself.

由于他无法移动,因此Mo X只能自己移动,因此他只能并且必须辞职。

However, there are too many ways behind this. As a pedant who understands events through news, the information gap is too great, in fact, it is impossible to analyze too much. Risking a huge amount of information to force an analysis of an incident is tantamount to a blind person passing a traffic light alone in a downtown area.


That being the case, it can only be said that everyone knows.


The biggest prerequisite for Mo X to leave reasonably is the team's record. You said that if Mosaic made it to the finals, could Mo X leave?

Mo X合理离开的最大前提是团队的战绩。您说如果Mosaic进入决赛,Mo X可以离开吗?

Mosaic only made it to the Western Conference semifinals this year, and still lost miserably. Compared with the previous two years, Mosaic has obviously fallen behind. But from a pure basketball perspective, can Mo X be blamed for this?

马赛克今年只进入了西部半决赛,但仍然惨败。与前两年相比,Mosaic明显落后了。但是,从纯粹的篮球角度来看,Mo X是否应为此受到指责?

Obviously not, the limit of the Rockets' lineup is the Western Conference Finals. If you want to enter the Western Conference Finals, you will have to die. Encountering the Lakers is one aspect, and House can't control his dick is another aspect. The two are superimposed, and the result is God's death.


Other news today also said that Paul is the boss who feels that "I have lost a lot of money", so he wants to trade. After the exchange of Turtle, the team has not changed in essence, so it can only go one way to the black, and Capela flies to Atlanta.


So in the end this set of lineups wielding a knife from the palace was created, and the lineup also determined how Mosaic would not go far, so just discussing basketball, Mo X is really nothing.

因此最终创建了这套挥舞着宫殿小刀的阵容,阵容还决定了Mosaic不会走多远,因此仅讨论篮球,Mo X真的不算什么。

So in this case, will Mo X voluntarily resign?

因此,在这种情况下,Mo X是否会自动辞职?

I'm kidding, of course not!


First of all, someone is already backing the pot. After Mosaic was out, coach D'Antoni waved his sleeves and did not take away a cloud, which is a summary of this season.


Secondly, in the current environment of the United States, the people's livelihood and people's livelihood has been shattered by the general leadership and the epidemic, and the country is extremely divided. Is it not good for Mo X to take 8 million dollars a year safely?

其次,在美国当前的环境下,民生和民生已被总领导层和流行病所破坏,国家极为分裂。 Mo X每年安全地赚取800万美元不是很好吗?

Mo X became the general manager of the team in 2007. In 2017, he renewed his four-year contract with the team, ending in 2021.

Mo X于2007年成为车队总经理。2017年,他与车队续签了四年合同,至2021年结束。

But the team reached the Western Conference Finals in 2018, and it looked like it could make a comeback in 2019. At that time, there was news that Philadelphia was struggling to pursue Mo X. Fertitta got confused, so in March 2019, he re-signed a five-year contract with Mo X-from the beginning of the season to the end of the 2024 season, the offer is 8 million dollars a year.

但是车队在2018年到达了西部决赛,看起来很有可能在2019年卷土重来。当时,有消息称费城正在努力追赶MoX。费蒂塔感到困惑,所以在2019年3月,他重新-与Mo X签订了为期五年的合同-从赛季开始到2024赛季结束,报价为每年800万美元。

In other words, this contract has just been executed for the first year. Under the current social environment, there is no need for Mo X to take the initiative to leave.

换句话说,这份合同刚刚执行了第一年。在当前的社会环境下,Mo X无需主动离开。

So the next question, is Fertitta willing to leave?


Probably unwilling from the bottom of his heart, the businessman is chasing profits. He first bought this team because of its appreciation space, rather than really like basketball.


And his biggest business is catering, hotels and casinos, almost all of which are offline transaction scenarios, so he suffered a severe blow from the epidemic. Regarding the financial flow of Fertitta, you can find out by searching a few news articles.


Under this circumstance, the first thing Fertitta thinks about is to stay and grow. And Mo X's departure requires him to pay an extra salary to the new general manager every year. Doesn't this make the already wealthy family even worse?

在这种情况下,费尔蒂塔想到的第一件事就是留下并成长。 Mo X的离开要求他每年向新任总经理支付额外的薪水。这是否会使本已富裕的家庭变得更糟?

So even though Mosaic's second round was not good, Fertitta directly announced the reason why Mo X was safe. Mo X looked rock solid at the time.

因此,即使Mosaic的第二轮表现不佳,Fertitta还是直接宣布了Mo X安全的原因。 Mo X当时看起来坚如磐石。

Of course, Mo X may also have seen another world and is determined to leave. As the news said, he is increasingly determined to explore things that may be of interest to other professions. But the words are not dead, do not rule out the possibility of his return to the NBA in the future.

当然,Mo X也可能看到了另一个世界,并决心离开。正如新闻所说,他越来越决心探索其他行业可能感兴趣的事物。但是这句话还没有死,不排除他将来重返NBA的可能性。

Here comes the issue of professional manager literacy. You sign a 5-year contract with your boss, and after the first year of execution, the boss thinks you are fine, but you tell the boss to let me fly, but the rest No money can be less.


The boss may want to hammer you off after hearing it. Isn't this a damn fraud? The NBA is such a big circle. Everyone in it is a fox who has been repaired for thousands of years. If Mo X does this, how can he return to the NBA in the future?

老板可能想在听到您的消息后将其重击。这不是该死的欺诈吗? NBA是一个很大的圈子。里面的每个人都是一只已经修复了数千年的狐狸。如果Mo X这样做,他将来如何才能回到NBA?

So if you are interested, you can pay attention to the future trends of Mo X. If he really goes into politics, it means he really gave up the NBA. If not, this "resignation" is interesting.

因此,如果您有兴趣,可以关注Mo X的未来趋势。如果他真的参政,则意味着他真的放弃了NBA。如果没有,这个“辞职”很有意思。

Who caused the unwilling parties to reach such a situation? I don't know, we dare not ask.


In the end, CCTV did not re-broadcast the NBA, and not only broadcast G5, but also broadcast G6 that started at 7:30 in the morning.


This proves that CCTV is not trying to test it out, but is going to broadcast it again.


Whether the Mosaic team name can be restored next season is also a very interesting thing, and it is also a very telling thing.


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