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In this game, the South Korean national team coach Paul Bento lined up a 4141 formation. Ulsan Hyundai’s four-member goalkeeper Cho Hyun Woo, right midfielder Won Doo-jae, right back Kim Tae-hwan, and right midfielder Lee Dong-kiong all entered the starting lineup, while in midfield, Lee Young-jae of Gangwon, Han Seung-kyu of Seoul, and Son Jun-ho of Jeonbuk Sit down. The left back is Jeonbuk's Lee Joo-yong, and the left center back is Sangju Sangmu's captain Kwon Kyungwon. He is also the captain of the game. The left forward is Seongnam's Na Sang-ho, and the center is last year's best rookie, Kim Ji-hyun from Gangwon FC. The strongest point of this lineup is the control of the midfield. Luo Sang-ho, Lee Young-jae, Son Jun-ho, Han Seung-kyu and Lee Dong-Jung are all technical players, and Bento has been committed to creating such a tactical style.

在这场比赛中,韩国国家队教练保罗·本托排成4141阵型。蔚山现代的四人门将赵贤佑,右中场元斗在,右后卫金泰焕和右中场李东强都进入了首发阵容,而在中场,江原汉成的李永载在中场首尔的圭和全北的孙俊镐坐下左后卫是全北队的李重勇,左后卫是上州上武的队长权庆元。他还是比赛的队长。左前角是城南的Na Sang-ho,中锋是去年最佳新秀,江原足球俱乐部的金智贤。该阵容最强的地方是对中场的控制。罗相浩,李英载,孙俊镐,韩承圭和李东荣都是技术专家,本托一直致力于创造这样的战术风格。

Korea national team starting


For the South Korean Olympic team, coach Kim Hae-Bum’s formation is extremely aggressive 433, which is also the formation that South Korea won the Asian U23 Championship at the beginning of the year. Compared with the starters of the U23 Asian Championships, since Li Dongjun, Won Doojae and Li Donggyong were selected by the national team coach Paul Bento, in these three positions, Kim Haebang chose Pohang's Lee Seungmo (back midfielder), Song Minguo (left winger) and Seoul's Cho Yong Wook (right winger) to make up for their respective positions. The candidates for the rest of the lineup are basically the same as the U23 Asian Cup. The goal will be Song Bum-geun, and the guards from left to right are Kang Yun-sung, Kim Jae-woo, Jung Tae-wook, and Yoon Jong-kyu. Lee Seung-mo’s double defensive midfielder is Seongnam’s Kim Dong-hyun, and the front midfielder is Daegu’s Jeong Seung-won. , The center is Jeonbuk’s Cho Kyu Sung. This set of formations, which is basically based on the championship team, does have a certain degree of tacit guarantee compared to the national team. The aggressiveness has always been emphasized by Jin Hefan, and this is directly reflected in the game.

对于韩国奥林匹克队来说,金海范教练的阵型极具侵略性433,这也是韩国年初赢得亚洲U23冠军的阵型。与U23亚洲锦标赛的首发比赛相比,由于国家队教练保罗·本托(Paul Bento)选择了李东俊,原道才和李东勇,在这三个位置上,金海邦选择了浦项的李承模(后场中场),宋明国(左翼) )和首尔的Cho Yong Wook(右翼)来弥补各自的位置。其余阵容的候选人基本上与U23亚洲杯相同。目标是宋范根,从左到右的后卫是姜润成,金在雨,郑泰旭和尹钟奎。李承模的双重防守中场是城南的金东-,前场是大邱的郑承元。 ,中心是全北的赵圭成。与国家队相比,这组队伍基本上是基于冠军队的,确实具有一定程度的默认保证。金合帆一直强调侵略性,这直接体现在游戏中。

Korea Olympic team starting


In this game, the South Korean national team wore a pink home new jersey, while the South Korean Olympic team wore a black and white striped away new jersey. Although it was a friendly match, the two sides were at the beginning of the fight, and there were many times when people turned their backs on their backs. At the beginning of the game, Jeong Seung-won and Cao Gyu-sung of the Korean National Olympic team were kicked down. Sun Jun-ho and Cao Gyu-sung’s "fighting in the same room" even used VAR. foul.

在本场比赛中,韩国国家队身穿粉红色主场球衣,而韩国奥林匹克队身穿黑白条纹客场球衣。尽管这是一场友好的比赛,但双方都是在战斗的开始,很多时候人们都背弃了他们。比赛开始时,韩国国家奥林匹克队的郑胜元和曹圭成被踢倒。 Sun Jun-ho和Cao Gyu-sung的“在同一房间打架”甚至使用了VAR。犯规。

The Olympic team was kicked down twice in a row


After watching VAR, I still let it go


In the 4th minute, the Korean Olympic team intercepted the ball in the backcourt, and Cho Yongxu got a long shot by Cho Hyun Woo. This was also the first shot of both sides in the game.

在第4分钟,韩国奥林匹克队在后场拦截了球,Cho Yongxu获得Cho Hyun Woo的远射。这也是比赛双方双方的第一枪。

Cao Yongxu's first shot

CA哦Yong叙述first shot

After withstanding the opponent's offensive, the big brother of the South Korean national team used his experience to gradually regain the initiative and gave the little brother a fatal blow. In the 13th minute, Lee Dong-gyeong suddenly passed to the undefended left-back Lee Joo-yong after holding the ball in the midfield. The latter got the ball and drove straight in. In the end, he shot through Song Beogeun’s ten fingers in front of the penalty area. The Korean national team won 1-0. Lead.


Li Zhouyong takes the lead


Li Zhouyong celebrates with his teammates


After the lead, the morale of the national team players was greatly boosted. In the 23rd minute, "Long Shot King" Li Yingcai performed his skills outside the penalty area. This time Song Fangen did not let the ball pass him. In the 26th minute, Han Shengkui, who was also good at penetrating Yang with a hundred moves, also took a long shot, and the ball was again secured by Song Fangen. In the 33rd minute, Li Yingcai again threatened Song Fangen's goal with a long shot. This time the ball slipped out.


Li Yingcai shoots from afar


Han Shengkui's long-range shot

Hans横亏损龙-ranges hot

Li Yingcai takes a long shot again


Throughout the half of the game, the Korean national team took the absolute initiative, especially after the lead, it can basically continue to put pressure on the opponent in the frontcourt, and also played Bento's football philosophy. At the end of the half, the Korean national team temporarily led 1-0.


Easy side fights again, Jin Hefan ordered the players to strengthen the frontcourt of the national team, Bento also dispatched troops, fast horse Li Dongjun and other players appeared. In the 49th minute, Li Dongjiong made a return error under the pressure, and Song Min seized the opportunity to pass through the penalty area alertly. Unfortunately, his shooting strength and angle were not well controlled, and he shot directly.


Song Minguo shoots after stealing the ball in midfield


However, the national team that escaped the catastrophe still failed to block the second wave of offensive. One minute later, the Olympic team intercepted the ball and passed back. Song Mincui, who got the ball, went into the penalty area again. This time he chose to enter the small area. In the penalty area, Zhao Xianyou, who was attacking, picked the ball into the net, 1-1, Song Mincui used his own national title to help the Olympic team equalize the score. Seeing this goal, Coach Jin Hefan couldn't help applauding.


Song Minguo scored the first goal

song min国score DT和first goal

Jin Hefan applauds for his lover


Songmin Celebrate


After the lead, the Olympic team was unwilling to draw and continued to attack. In the 59th minute, Zheng Chengyuan shot a cold arrow from outside the penalty area. Zhao Xianyou struggling to save the ball. The ball happened to fall on the head of Olympic center Cao Guicheng. He headed the ball towards the goal. Cao Yongxu outflanked the position. At this time, the national team captain Quan Jingyuan also rushed to the horse, but he made a busy mistake and hit the ball into his own goal. 1-2, the Olympic team overtook the score.

领跑后,奥林匹克队不愿抽签并继续进攻。第59分钟,郑成远从禁区外射出冷箭。赵宪友努力挽救球。球碰巧落在奥林匹克中心曹桂成的头上。他将球带向球门。曹永旭超越了职位。这时,国家队队长权敬远也冲上马,但他犯了一个忙碌的错误,将球击入自己的球门。 1-2,奥林匹克队超越了比分。





In the 62nd minute, the national team played a delicate cooperation, Li Rong's last shot was blocked by Song Fangen. In the 71st minute, Li Dongjun grabbed a barb shot before his former teammate, and the ball missed.


Li Rong shot blocked


Li Dongjun front barb


In the 81st minute, the Olympic team once again fought back. In the second half, Yan Yuanshang, who came off the bench, broke into the penalty area and shot high, almost expanding the score again.


Yan Yuan's shot flies


Seeing that the game time is short, the mentality of the Olympic team has changed at this time. Some of them want to hold the advantage of one goal, and some want to attack. The experienced "big brothers" caught their inconsistent attitude and used an excellent opportunity to equalize the score. In the 88th minute, Jin Rencheng, who came off the bench in the second half, dribbled the ball into the penalty area using his speed advantage. Facing Song Fangen, he suddenly chose to pass to his right, and Li Tingxie, who was unguarded, shot in the goal. 2-2, this is also the final score of the whole game.

看到比赛时间很短,奥林匹克队的心态此时已改变。他们中有些人想拥有一个目标的优势,而另一些人则想进攻。经验丰富的“大兄弟”抓住了他们前后不一致的态度,并利用了极好的机会来平分。在第88分钟,下半场替补席亚博平台登录地址上的金仁成利用他的速度优势将球带入禁区。面对宋凡根,他突然选择向右路传球,而无人防守的李廷x射门得分。 2-2,这也是整场比赛的最终成绩。

Li tingxie equalizes

l i听写equalizes

Li tingxie's breakthrough moment

l i听写S breakthrough moment

The two made a tie


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