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Real Sociedad defender Monreal recently accepted an interview with "Marca", he pointed out that Real Madrid did not have any important players left the team, there is really no need to buy people.


In addition, Monreal also praised the strength of the team teenager Barrenechea.


"I followed the team for training this week. I haven't fully recovered yet. I hope my muscle problems will not affect my participation in the game. I'm not sure if I can play, but in principle I want to play."

“本周我跟随球队进行训练。我还没有完全康复。我希望我的肌肉问题不会影响我参加比赛。我不确定我是否可以参加比赛,但原则上我想参加比赛。 ”

"Yes, it's a shame. I used to play in the old Anoeta. At that time, because the stadium had a track, the distance between the fans and the players was very long, and sometimes it felt a little deserted. But the new Anoeta gave People’s feelings are completely different. People’s shouting is like a mountain whistling a tsunami. I really like the atmosphere of New Anoeta, but it’s a pity that the epidemic stopped everything abruptly."


"In the past, when Ronaldo was here, all the focus was on him. Benzema could only be the second in command and assist Ronaldo. But after Ronaldo left, Benzema became a powerful player again. Shooter, he stopped assisting like he did before and started scoring instead. Benzema played well and was at a good moment. I am very happy to see him play like this."


"Real Madrid is not the only team that hasn't bought people this year. Real Madrid is the defending La Liga champions. Although they have not bought people, they have not let go of any important players. They are still the top team that can compete for everything. Real Madrid is not impossible to buy people. , But there is really no need to buy people randomly. Real Madrid’s advantage in La Liga is decisive. They have a balanced offensive and defensive and can also take the initiative in most games. It is difficult to play against them, but we also have our own weapons. Hope we can defeat them. they."


"Really, I didn't expect it. David Silva is one of the most powerful players in Real Sociedad right now, and one of the most powerful players in La Liga. It's so great that Real Sociedad can have such a player. Great, we must enjoy his performance. David Silva and I have worked with the national team for many years and I know his strength very well. As a player, everyone knows that he is superb. And as a person, Let me tell everyone that Silva is a very ordinary and humble person in life."

“真的,我没想到。大卫席尔瓦(David Silva)现在是皇家社会中最强大的球员之一,也是西甲最强大的球员之一。真是太棒了,皇家社会可以拥有这样的球员。太棒了,我们必须享受他的表现,我和大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)在国家队工作了很多年,我非常了解他的实力,作为一名球员,每个人都知道他很出色;作为一个人,让我告诉大家席尔瓦(Silva)是生活中非常普通和谦虚的人。”

"I thought Erdgau would stay here, but it was counterproductive. Now Real Madrid has a strong substitute player."


"I have more or less thoughts, but more based on reality. Last season was very good on my personal and team level. I was the main guard of the team and helped the team reach the Copa del Rey final. And the European game. Excluding the time after the league rematch, the 19/20 season is perfect for me."

“我有或多或少的想法,但更多地亚博平台登录地址基于现实。上赛季在我个人和团队层面上都非常出色。我是球队的主要后卫,并帮助球队打入了Copa del Rey决赛。以及欧洲比赛。不包括联赛再赛之后的时间,19/20赛季对我来说是完美的。”

"The Royal Sociedad’s youth academy was originally well-known, I know that. But after I witnessed Barrenechea’s strength with my own eyes, I couldn’t help but exclaimed. Oh! My God, this The child is too strong."


"I am very happy in the team, at least now I have not thought about leaving Real Sociedad, I want to continue my career here. Of course I also know very well that I am very old, an injury may be ruined My career...When that day comes, let’s talk about this again."

“我在团队中感到非常高兴,至少现在我还没有考虑过离开皇家社会,我想在这里继续我的职业。当然,我也非常清楚我年纪很大,受伤可能会毁了我的职业。 ..那天到来的时候,让我们再说一遍。”

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